General Policies

  • All users must follow the Rules of the Road in BC
  • Smoking is prohibited in the vehicles.
  • No handheld devices, including cell phones, GPS, etc. can be used while driving a vehicle. This is law in British Columbia.
  • Pets cannot be transported in the vehicle for the health of subsequent users that have pet allergies.
  • Spark vehicles must be driven appropriately when driving on unpaved, unmaintained or rough roads. Any damage caused from driving on such roads is the full responsibility of the booking member.


Cleaning/Hygiene Policy during COVID-19

Here are a few steps to help keep everyone safe during these challenging times:

  1. Wipe the touch surfaces with the disinfectant provided before and after your use of the car.
  2. You are not permitted to use the vehicle if you feel unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19
  3. You are not permitted to use the vehicle within 14 days of returning from out-of-country
  4. You are not permitted to use the vehicle if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  5. Use good hand hygiene while you are using the vehicle and getting in and out of the vehicle


Spark vehicles may not be:

  • Driven by people who are not members of Spark
  • Driven in any race or competition
  • Used for any illegal purposes
  • Used while the driver is under the influence of any intoxicating substances or while consuming any intoxicating substances. Alcoholic or other intoxicating substances should not be consumed or used by any person, driver or passengers, while in the Spark vehicle
  • Used to transport explosives, flammables or gas

Failure to abide by the above will result in the user being banned from using Spark vehicles.


Service Fees

Please treat our Spark EV as if it was your own car. Service fees are charged to ensure Spark is always in good condition for everyone to use.

  • Lost keys: $250
  • Lost RFID card: $50
  • Excessive cleaning fee: $50 – at the discretion of the Spark Program Manager
  • Unauthorized parking fee: $50
  • Unsecured vehicle fee: $50
  • Damage fee/deductible: up to $1250 + additional costs (see accident section below)
  • Towing ticket charge: $50 + tow fees
  • Parking ticket charge: $20 + parking ticket
  • Drained battery: $200 + towing charges
  • Loss of use fee (e.g. Impounded vehicle): day rate x # of days
  • Late fee: Two times the current hourly
  • If fees aren’t paid within 1 week the user will be unable to use the vehicle until they are.


What if I need to cancel my booking?

If your plans change, you can cancel your booking online anytime up to 48 hours before the start of your booking at no charge.

If you cancel a booking with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged 50% of the booking up to a maximum of 2 days.


What if I run out of charge?

You won’t if you plan ahead! But if you do, call a tow truck and get towed to the nearest charging station (at your expense).  There is a tow bolt in the trunk that the tow truck driver MUST use to tow the car. There is a roadside assistance number in the glovebox.


What if I get in an accident?

If you get in an accident, you must secure evidence from any witnesses, take photos and contact the police if necessary. Please then call and email the coordinator informing them about the accident (250.341.6898 and You must also provide us with a written description of the accident and resulting damage.

After an accident, you may only continue your trip if the car is safe to drive. If it is not safe to drive, you will need to have it towed, preferably to Invermere.

In the case of an at-fault accident, the member at fault pays the first $500 of any claim.  For any damages to Spark vehicles the member pays the first $500 and the remaining amount is split between Spark and the member to a max amount of $2000 This means the max amount a member will pay for an at-fault accident is $1,250.00. This payment applies whether Spark pays for the accident directly or processes the claim through insurance.

Please note that all associated costs with an at-fault accident are the responsibility of the member such as towing, road control, vehicle out of service cost, etc. 


What if I notice some damage to a vehicle?

There are 2 levels of urgency when it comes to vehicle damages:

1) Not very urgent – The car is still safe to drive

These are things like the radio is not working, the windshield wipers need to be replaced, crack in the windshield or a headlight is out. If it is still safe to drive the car but it needs to be looked at soon send the coordinator an email at

2) Very urgent – The car is not safe to drive

These are issues where the next member should not drive the car such as the seat belt does not work, flat tires or dead batteries. You MUST email and call the coordinator (250.341.6898). After hours (403.762.0960)


Questions? Email