Reduce your carbon footprint

Affordable access to a car when you need it

Reduce spending on gas powered trips

With a growing network of electric vehicle charge stations and the increased battery capacity of new vehicles, driving an electric vehicle is now a real option in the Columbia Valley and beyond.

To build awareness around the viability of electric vehicles and to provide an accessible low-carbon transportation option for Columbia Valley residents, Wildsight Invermere has created Spark: Columbia Valley Electric Vehicle Share program.

Spark is the first fully 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada and serves as an integral step towards transitioning Columbia Valley communities to low-carbon transportation use. This is your car rental option for Invermere and the rest of the Columbia Valley.


Click to read our easy how-to-drive guide, From Spark to Finish!

Sept 1, 2020: 

We are now offering daily rentals of Spark at a promotion rate!

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