Reduce your carbon footprint

Affordable access to a car when you need it

Reduce spending on gas powered trips

With a growing network of electric vehicle charge stations and the increased battery capacity of new vehicles, driving an electric vehicle is now a real option in the Columbia Valley and beyond.

To build awareness around the viability of electric vehicles and to provide an accessible low-carbon transportation option for Columbia Valley residents, Wildsight Invermere has created Spark: Columbia Valley Electric Vehicle Share program.

Spark is the first fully 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada and serves as an integral step towards transitioning Columbia Valley communities to low-carbon transportation use. This is your car rental option for Invermere and the rest of the Columbia Valley.


Click to read our easy how-to-drive guide, From Spark to Finish!

Sept 1, 2020: 

We are now offering daily rentals of Spark at a promotion rate!

Thanks to our supporters!

Loving this option for clean transportation during business trips!
Duncan WhittickDuncan Whittick
14:40 27 Oct 20
I love Spark! I have rented it several times now, and it has been a very smooth and enjoyable experience. We have four people in our family, and it fits us all very comfortably. And when everything is factored in, far cheaper for us to take this vehicle than our own! 5 STARS!!
Sherry DeweySherry Dewey
22:57 26 Oct 20
Our family had the Spark car for one week and found it very easy to drive. Car sharing is the way to go! We were able to charge right from home, Cranbrook and return on one charge. We'll be taking advantage again soon.Sherry and Ian Invermere