Simple Steps: From Spark to Finish!

Download the From Spark to Finish guide here.

Sign-up for Spark

  1. Click here to sign up!
  2. Review the Spark Policies and FAQ

Booking Spark

  1. Book Spark by the day
  2. To book, consult the Booking Calendar
  3. Email at least 2 business days ahead of the day(s) you want to book Spark*
  4. We will confirm your booking by email, and then one business day prior to your booking we’ll email you with the code for the key lockbox

*When emailing to book Spark, please indicate if you plan to use the bike rack.

Picking up Spark

  1. Go to the District of Invermere office to pick up the car in the Spark designated parking space
  2. Enter the 4-letter code emailed to you in the lockbox. Pull down and metal canister and pull out the key. Return the canister, and scramble the letters
  3. Walk around the vehicle to ensure it looks like it is in good working order. If there is something superficial you want to note, please take a picture of it and email it to
  4. Unplug and return the charging cord – the vehicle should be fully charged! Up to 320km of range in the height of summer, and 150km in the dead of winter…and most days, somewhere in between!
  5. Sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer provided
  6. Wipe high touch surfaces of the vehicle with the sanitizing wipes provided

Driving Spark

  1. Review the Driver’s Manual
  2. Make any adjustments required to the seat, mirrors, etc.
  3. Put your foot on the brake, press the blue button to turn the car on, and head out on your journey!
  4. Remember if you put the vehicle into L (one down from D) this will allow you to go into automatic regenerative braking mode, which will kick on when you take your foot off the accelerator, allowing you to drive mostly with one pedal (except for when coming to sudden stops, which you use the regular brake pedal)
  5. Don’t forget to stop to take some selfies of the car when you are out on your journey, and email them to to help give our electric vehicle a bit of a boost!

Charging Spark

  1. If you anticipate needing to charge the vehicle on your journey we suggest you sign up with flo and Charge Hub and get their apps on your phone, once you activate the app, it communicates with the charging station, and directs you to follow its instructions. We also suggest that you order a flo charging card in case of connectivity issues and a BC Hydro EV App – we’ve found this has been of particular value at the BC Hydro fast charging stations.
  2. If it isn’t fully charged, and you’re heading out on a longer journey, you can charge quickly at the fast chargers in Radium Hot Springs or Canal Flats.
  3. If required, use Plug Share to find a charger along your journey to top up your charge.

Returning Spark

  1. Return the car to the District of Invermere by midnight on the day you booked it so it can be fully charged for the next day’s user.
  2. Wipe down all touch points, take out any garbage and clean up any messes (a $50 excessive cleaning fee applies to those who ignore this request)
  3. Don’t forget to plug it back in! To charge it, take the Noodoe card from the envelope marked ‘DOI Charging Card’ in the glove box and scan it over the Noodoe charging station until it registers the card. You can confirm it is charging by looking in on the driver dashboard, and it will light up with the amount of time it will take to charge.
  4. Share your trip with your friends and family!
  5. Pay the invoice that will be email to you, and then book again!