Family Spark Affair

Our family’s affair with Spark started just over a year ago when Wildsight launched the program. Since then we’ve rented it for family trips across the region, including to Cranbrook, Kimberley, Koocanusa, Premier Lake, Canmore, Banff, Nipika Mountain Resort and Panorama Mountain Resort.

We LOVE Spark – how it drives, the space for our family of four, the fun tech options…everything!

Luca, age 10: “I love the way Spark let’s me talk to my grandparents over the speaker system. And it is so smooth!”

Findlay, age 12: “I like that I can play music from my iphone over the speakers. And it’s got really good pick-up!”

Duncan, young at heart:  “The best part is that it is electric, and this helps us to do our part while also modelling to our kids how we can be part of the solution.”

Tara, younger at heart: “I love that we have easy access to an electric vehicle that is more affordable than running a second vehicle. As a result of Spark, we’ve gone from owning 2 vehicles to now just owning 1.”

Thanks so much to Wildsight and all of the supporters who brought this unique program to our community!

Duncan & Luca Whittick check out the sights on when they rented the vehicle in the summer.